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Our customers have the BEST ideas....

"Does Proflex make a 1-inch wide Rigid Wall?"

Sometimes, I think that I must have heard the question wrong -- but this customer needed a solution for a tight fit that had to be rigid. Our standard coping panels were not robust enough for this application - they wanted our standard aluminum frame in a 1-inch wide rigid wall. At Proflex, we are in the business of saying "yes, we can do that!" And we did. We created a 1-inch wide rigid wall - using our same t-glide technology for fully adjustable height from 93" - 122". Its the perfect solution when the fit has to be just right. Ask for part no. 2001.

Give us a call - give us your questions - give us a challenge -- we love to innovate and solve your problems! 215-322-2205 or

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