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The Proflex Barrier System is ideally suited for superior contaminant containment in sensitive or high-risk work environments like hospitals, research facilities, clean rooms, data centers - any environment where even a minor containment breach could have catastrophic consequences.

Solid panel construction, aluminum framing and rubber seals offer a level of system integrity and confidence plastic and pole systems cannot match. 

The Proflex System is also a faster, less expensive and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to drywall construction on projects of long duration. 

  • Tough, durable twin-walled poly-carbonate panels in your choice of color. Translucent white and clear.

  • All wall panels adjust from 92" - 122" high to create a perfect seal from floor to ceiling

  • 6560-T6 Extruded Aluminum frame rails and high strength fasteners for enhanced reliability.

  • Internal rubber seals and precise-fitting frames prevent the transfer of dust and air.

  • Proflex barriers are routinely used in ICRA class IV (Infection Control Risk Assessment) plans for many of our customers.





The Proflex Barrier System's sturdy, durable , high-quality construction combine with innovative design features to provide a system that is easy to assemble and modify to any work area size and footprint.


The Proflex Barrier System was designed to be easily transportable to and from the job site, simple to assemble and then take apart, and easy to clean and store.


Properly cared for, all parts and accessories of the Proflex Barrier System can be reused over and over again and will provide years of service without  the loss of system integrity or containment capability.

  • Panels are lightweight and rigid and are easily handled by just one person.

  • Simple, secure seals and assembly using just one tool.

  • Our versatile MiniClamp™ delivers secure, seamless connections on all components.

  • T-Glide™ Technology ensures positive tracking of sliding panels for proper placement and secure seals.

  • Inside corner posts, outside corner posts or the use of our exclusive Flexi-Hinge accommodate any workplace footprint.

The tight seal and rigid construction of The Proflex Barrier System allows for easy connection to a HEPA

air filtration system.


This combination creates a self-contained work area of low air pressure that naturally eliminates the possibility of seepage or accidental leakage. This added level of protection is impossible to create with traditional plastic sheeting and pole enclosures.

When not in use the enclosure can be sealed by locking the port hole cover and using the Proflex solid door. 

See how negative air pressure works with Proflex in this animation

  • Tight seals and rigid construction allow for the Proflex Barrier System to be easily compatible with a HEPA air filtration unit.

  • Operating the unit creates a pocket of low air pressure in the work space enclosure.

  • Low air pressure in the enclosed work space acts as a second level of sealing protection against leaking or seepage.

  • The filtration port hole can be closed and locked air-tight when the unit is not in use.

  • Use our rigid doors in conjunction with the unit. Doors come with lever handset, manually adjustable threshold, and an upper extension panel for applications with higher ceilings. The door and frame are designed to be fully convertible and configured to open 4 different ways. Two sizes available.

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