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  • How do I get help for technical support, sales quotes, accounting questions and other specific needs?"
    When you call the main number at Proflex a real person will pick up the phone and be happy to answer your questions, help you calculate your containment barrier needs or immediately direct your call to the appropriate person - no frustrating, automated phone / voicemail system - just real people looking forward to helping you any way they can.
  • What’s your turnaround time?
    Typically we deliver from stock. For larger orders our goal is to build and ship your order within 10 business days.
  • How long does Proflex take to set up?
    The entire system has been designed to be quick and easy to assemble and disassemble in an intuitive way. Two people should be able to assemble a 4’ x 8’ anteroom in approximately 20 minutes.
  • How much product do I need?
    Determine and sketch the area you want to contain. Measure the length of each leg of the wall system - horizontally & vertically -and take into consideration the placement of doors and corners, etc. Proflex walls and doors width measurements are included in the part number. For example, our product #2012 is a 12” wide wall panel, #2018 is 18” wide, etc. The wider walls have the lowest cost per foot of coverage, while the narrower sizes are more versatile and easier to handle and store. Before ordering we recommend you consult with us to verify your design and calculations - we are eager to help you determine the most secure, economical configuration for your containment needs.
  • Do you offer packages?
    No. Each job's specifications and requirements are unique. All of our components are sold individually so we can customize exactly what you need for your situation.
  • What is the height of the Proflex door opening?
    The door opening is 72” high. We also offer a 5” extension kit for situations where greater clearance is needed, but please note that you will need the ceiling height to be 98” minimum.
  • Our ceiling is only 7.5' feet high. Can we get shorter walls and doors for our space?
    Yes, the benefit of Proflex is our ability to help you by customizing the barriers to your specifications.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept checks and credit card payments. All credit card payments are subject to a 3% terminal charge. To pay by credit card, call us at Make checks payable to: “Michael A. Nuskey, LLC” and mail to 3 Humphreys Drive, Ivyland, PA 18974.
  • I need to block off a corridor that is (an uneven size) wide. How should we fill the gap?
    Proflex has a wide range of panel and door widths that can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of spaces. We offer several options to fill any remaining space between your existing wall and the barrier system. 1 – Our Flexihinge (P/N 2577) has the ability to “accordion” slightly to fit a narrow opening or to create a “dogleg” in the wall where needed. 2 – Our Coping Panel (P/N 3400) is an economical way to fill any remaining odd or tapered gaps. They can be cut to conform to any irregularities (chair rails, trim, etc.) where Proflex meets your existing wall. 3 – Our Variable width Panel (P/N 2212) is used to fill any remaining odd sized or tapered gaps from 2 to 12 inches wide. The replaceable polycarbonate panels will require trimming.
  • We don’t have a finished ceiling in the area we need to contain. Is there a ceiling option?
    Yes. We can design and build a ceiling system to match your layout and requirements.
  • What is a Tee Connector and how does that work?
    A Tee Connector is a component used to add stability to the barrier structure in several ways: 1 – By connecting the top of the barrier walls and doors to the suspended ceiling grid. 2 – As an attachment point to the existing walls at the end of the run. 3 – As an anchor point for securing Proflex to the floor.
  • How many Mini-clamps do I need to order?
    Plan to use 4 mini-clamps per joint between walls, 6 per rigid corner with corner posts, and 8 for each Flexihinge. It is always great to have a few spares as well.
  • What is ICRA?
    ICRA is an acronym for Infection Control Risk Assessment. For a specific ICRA matrix to help determine your containment needs see
  • Are Proflex walls and doors ICRA approved or certified?  Is the ProFlex System ICRA rated?
    Our system is used regularly as a solution for ICRA class IV containment by hospitals, labs and construction companies. If you are looking for an ICRA certification or rating on Proflex, there is not a specific ICRA rating for any product on the market. From the beginning, we designed the Proflex system with ICRA containment in mind and we believe our barriers are the best solution on the market. As you may know, walls created with studs and drywall have been used as ICRA containment for many hospital systems. The point being, there is no ICRA type drywall or studs on the market. We believe building a drywall barrier is a lengthy, dusty, wasteful process to erect and break down. This was a problem that we sought to solve by creating our lightweight, portable and reusable wall system.
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