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Product Components / Specifications

Proudly Made In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA


The Proflex Barrier System is a highly portable, lightweight modular wall panel system designed for ease of use and superior protection of your critical interior environments. 

Proflex is routinely used as a part of ICRA class IV (Infection Control Risk Assessment) plans for many of our customers.

Each of our wall sections feature:

  • Adjustable height from 92” – 122” high to accommodate a wide range of ceiling heights

  • T-Glide Technology for positive tracking of sliding panels

  • 6560-T6 Extruded Aluminum frame rails and high strength fasteners for enhanced reliability

  • Twin-wall polycarbonate panels sealed to the aluminum frames

  • Internal rubber seals and precise-fitting frames prevent the transfer of dust and air

  • Self-leveling feet that conform to floor deviations


Custom heights and widths are available and we’d be happy to help you with your special requirements. Please contact us with your specifications for a quote.


Proflex doors are designed to close tight with a snug-fitting frame and robust sealing flange to minimize any air seepage. They come complete with your choice of lever handset (closet, keyed, or push button combination lock), manually adjustable threshold, a flexible rubber door sweep and an upper extension panel for higher applications. The door and frame are designed to be fully convertible and configured to open 4 different ways - inside or outside, to the left or right.

48" Wide Door Panel

With 44" Door Opening

Comes complete with a hydraulic closer, lever handset, manually adjustable threshold, and an upper extension panel for higher applications. 

Part #: 4048

Weight: 64.2

36” Wide Door Panel

With 32” Door Opening

This is our lighter-weight door, designed to be easier to handle and fit into tighter spaces.

Part #: 4036

Weight: 47.6

72” Wide Double Door Panel

With 68” Door Opening

Comes complete with a removable mullion post,  lever handsets, manually adjustable threshold, and upper extension panels for higher applications. 

Part #: 4072



Inside Corner Post

Join 2 wall panels using a 91” long corner post to create a rigid, gap free 90° inside corner.

Part #: 2500

Weight: 6.75

Outside Corner Post

Join 2 wall panels using this 33” long corner post to create a rigid, gap free 90° outside corner.

Part #: 2533

Weight: 2.5

Flexi Hinge

Use our ultra-flexible hinge panel to join wall panels to create a gap free, flexible corner capable of swinging 180° in either direction.

Part #: 2577

Weight: 12.15


Mini Clamps

Our exclusive design. Effortlessly join panels. We recommend 4 mini-clamps per panel joint, 6 per rigid corner, and 8 per Flexi-Hinge joint.

Part #: 3500

Weight: 0.1

Tee Connector

With Thumb Screw

Attach this Tee connector to the top rail of the panel to clamp walls onto suspended ceiling grid. Use the provided holes to screw through drywall or to framing.

Part #: 3600

Weight: 0.1


-Dust and debris containment

-Construction site barrier system

-Rigid wall contamination containment


Add this exhaust port to any panel to connect your HEPA filter with 8”Ø flexible duct.  Also great for routing wires and hoses through the wall.

Part #: 3180

Weight: 1.25


This is the tool used to make all your panel connections using the mini-clamps, adjust the door threshold, and perform door re-configurations.

Part #: 3700

Weight: 0.15


Transport and store your wall system with ease with this cart. Lay the panels on edge and use the cord to secure them snugly to the vertical posts.

Part #: 5000

Weight: 23.25

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