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Getting the perfect fit

It happens all the get to the jobsite and maybe that hallway isn't really 8' wide, its 8' 9-3/4" wide. What do you do?

At Proflex, we want to be your go-to solution and we understand that even the best drawings don't always get the measurements exactly right. Try our brand new Proflex Variable Wall Panel (2212). Our Variable Wall is adjustable from 2" to 12" wide. You cut the provided polycarbonate to the correct size, insert into the provided rails and secure the width with the horizontal cross-member for a perfect fit! Available in stardard height (93" -122") and extra-tall height (93"-147") to match the Proflex lineup. Refill polycarbonate panels are available so you can reuse the wall over and over again.

And new to our product lineup, ask about our Proflex 1" Wide Wall (2001) , not a typo - a rigid 1" wide wall. The perfect solution when the application requires complete rigidity --sure to satisfy the fussiest site supervisor. Have an upcoming project? We would love to consult with you and help design the perfect solution. Contact us at 215 322-2205 or

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